Life has been a little bonkers lately, so apologies for being a little slack on the old blog front, but I found time in my chaotic world yesterday to bake a few loaves. The first is a mixed seed & nut bread. I basically took my standard white loaf mix & added whatever I had to hand at the dry stage: half a bag of crushed unsalted pistachios (left over from the orange cake) half a bag of crushed walnut pieces and a couple of small packets of mixed seeds – sesame, pumpkin & sunflower. As you can see you get quite a gnarly loaf, but it tasted great with slabs of blue cheese & home made hummus.

I also made a couple of loaves of Focaccia. I’m not usually someone who follows recipes for bread. You can follow basic principles and advice, but once you have a feel for it & understand how it all works, you can do your own thing. However after watching Paul Hollywood on Great British Bake off, I was intrigued to see how using such a wet mix would turn out. I followed the recipe to the letter, and despite a dough that’s a bit tricky to work with, you do get impressive results. The loaves below are plain, with a topping of Rosemary & sea salt.



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