Tom & Sherry

Well, to be fair, I could hardly call the crop of tomatoes this year a triumph. I mean, they’re trying, bless ’em. I brought the seeds back from Italy at the start of the year, and after a longer germination period than usual, they came through like any normal seed that I would normally grow. However as time went on it became clear that the English climate (especially this year) would not be producing the mass of tomatoes I was hoping for. The fruit is there, but I doubt if it will have time to ripen fully on the vines now. Hey, there’s always chutney.

So, we enjoy what’s there & make the best of it. After gathering fruit for the last couple of days, there are enough for a simple meal. The tomatoes, cherry reds, nobblys & blacks have been halved and are currently slow roasting in the oven with my best olive oil, garlic, Salt, Pepper & a tiny splash of sherry vinegar. Once they’ve broken down & taken on some colour, I’ll give them a topping of parmesan & parsley breadcrumbs & give them another ten mins in the oven to go all golden & crispy.


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