Greetings, eaters.
British summertime permitting, Caron & I are heading up to Nell’s for a cider festival this weekend. I thought rather than pigging out on bar snacks, crisps etc (although they do a killer pickled egg) I’d make a few breadsticks for us to have a covert munch on.

Standard white dough as your base. I made enough to…umm…lets see. About 3 baked bean sized canisters of white strong bread flour with your usual wet rising mix, but I added a couple of handfuls of grated strong cheddar & a good fistful of finely chopped herbs from the garden…Rosemary & Thyme. Allow your dough mix to have it’s standard first rise, knock it back & flour a work surface. Roll your dough into a long rough rectangle about 1cm thick, then slice into 1cm wide strips. These can then be rolled or twisted & laid out on baking sheets. Let them have their second rise, drizzle with olive oil & sprinkle with whatever you like. I went for sea salt, black pepper & poppy seeds.

Bake at 200 for about 12 mins. They’ll soak up all of the oil & go all crisp. Should be perfect with an icy cider : )

I had a fair bit of dough left, so made a Cheddar cob too. Enjoy!


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