I can’t believe it’s not Buddha

Consider the post office. Whether a casual user, pension drawer or dedicated ebayer, there’s nowhere quite like it for a great british celebration of understaffing, penless chains & inappropriate stock items. Consider the treasures below, viewed this very week in Withington Post Office.

If you’re trying to protect your 5 year old pair of Converse from evil chindi as they wing their way to their buyer, hoping to send your passport application on it’s way with enlightenment, or simply wish to eat soup while being constantly reminded what it is that you’re consuming, Withington PO has you covered for any eventuality. But be warned,
as you can see, their line in designer handbags is selling like hot cakes.

If there’s a more crap filled stamp pusher’s out there, I’d love to see it.

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One Response to I can’t believe it’s not Buddha

  1. KT says:

    Ah the British Post Office, how I miss that classic Blighty Institution. The wolf items are lovely. And clearly someone has been buying the bags… I mean… $6.99 is a steal. Or maybe they were actually stolen.

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