An Appeal….

This is Ken’s story.


Ken is a food mixer. The conditions he’s forced to live in are appalling. He lives with myself and four other people in a shared house in Manchester. He sees none of the benefits appliances usually enjoy, space to forage and socialize, the sun on his face, Flash surface cleaner. Conditions in his kitchen mean he can only be left out in the open for less than 30 mins a day, the rest of the time he’s forced to exist under cover, like an embarrassing parrot.


Each day he faces fresh horrors. What will be dumped on top of him? A pan lid? An unwashed mug? A jar of dubious eastern European pickles? It’s no life.

I left my ipod in the kitchen last week. I came downstairs to find the headphones swinging glumly in his brushed aluminium bowl. “God Is In The House” by Nick Cave was on repeat. It had been playing for six hours.

Apart from helping cut down on the needless import of a product which can be made right here in the UK, the Great British Brotform project can help mixers like Ken. Once the business is up and running, I can move him to a kitchen of his very own, where he can run free as nature intended, throw off the shadows of his cover, and flirt with the kettle.

State of the art computer technology has enabled us to recreate just how this may look (below).

Please, visit the Breadstead pages on Kickstarter & Twitter, and if you can’t pledge, spread the word as far and wide as you possibly can.

Do it for Ken.




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