17 Days to go to reach my Kickstarter target, and pledging passed the £1000 mark over the weekend. Hurrah!! Pats on the back all round. Big up yourselves.

SHELLLOAFStill need to find a couple of advertisers and a site sponsor. If you know a business that may be interested – please share. The website will be the main point of sale for my brotform and all subsequent products, and your ads will be seen on every page of the website, as the banner is a constant..

Anyone who’s ever taken an ad in the national press knows how expensive that can be even for a single appearance, so I think my ad spaces are a bit of a bargain for a 12 month starting period (the two side spaces come in at around 82p a day), and of course I’m also looking for a site sponsor, who’s company details will sit proudly above my main banner. Once the business is thriving, three businesses are going to have some pretty sweet advertising spaces.

I mentioned a few days ago that I’ll be transferring the content of my blog over to here, so hopefully my subscribers will come along too. Eventually I’m hoping that this site will become a little baking community where apart from buying the british baking products, people can post recipes, discuss product designs and generally come for advice or a bit of a foody natter. Visit the website
or follow me on Twitter @breadstead

17 days & counting…..get involved! :)



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