Wipe your feet on the way out……

My Name is Mike Batho. I come from Cumbria in the northwest of England, where it’s famously green & pleasant, but now live in the bustling Metropalis that is Manchester. I’ve been down here for around 15 years now, and wouldn’t like to live anywhere else.

Foodie heaven, you see. There’s nothing you can’t cook by traveling less than a mile or two in any given direction for ingredients. There’s fantastic meat & fish, great fresh fruit & veg from around the world, and every imaginable packet of rare spice or bottle of ominous looking condiment you could wish for. Essentially, this is my porn.

I’m trained in Graphic Design, but I fear my Mac Monkey days are behind me. I gave catering a shot a few years ago, but it turns out I don’t work well as part of a team, so my cooking is now reserved for good friends & family. You can find all the usual likes & dislikes on the linked facebook page. I didn’t want to paste them on here as I’m trying to keep it more organized than the rest of my life, which is a little like a cross between the tornado scene from Wizard of Oz meets Withnail & I.

Recipes featured on this site will be my own unless stated otherwise.

Thanks for reading. Say “Hi”.



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